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Margaux Hymel is a New Orleans local artist and New Orleans native, born with a love for art. Favoring pencils and crayons at first, her go-to subjects for drawings were always people. She received her BA from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2009. She then went on to achieve her MFA in painting and drawing from LSU in the Spring of 2012. She currently resides in the Garden District of New Orleans, working out of her home studio. 

As a New Orleans local painter , and an original New Orleans artist , her works have been featured in galleries across the city and via websites and organizations like


Margaux finds her inspiration in the eccentric characters, sights, and scenes discovered on a daily basis in the streets of New Orleans. Working almost entirely in acrylic, she creates large-scale figurative paintings on canvas. The subjects in her paintings are all lively and joyous beings, celebrating their pride.

With an idea for a costume or form in mind, Margaux starts her paintings with a rough sketch using pastels. She builds layers of paint with broad brushwork. Pastels are sparingly used to define line work, suggest movement and create texture. 

Having several wonderful gay friends who are drag queens, she has been exposed to private dressing rooms before their show. Enamored with the dazzling two hour transformations and impressed by the talent and dedication it took to create these costumes, she found a spark to represent this world in her current series “Painted Ladies” and “Costumes and Queens”. Her paintings explore the notion that gender is no longer black and white but an array of colors as expressed through the use of bright color schemes. Her work showcases the fun in expressing oneself and toy with the concept of androgyny.

New Orleans artist

New Orleans artist 

Featured Series

Local New Orleans Artist and Painter

Painted Ladies

Costumes & Queens

Costumes & Queens

The Painted Ladies series includes large, figurative paintings with forms, costumes, and colors inspired by flowers.  As a New Orleans artist, the works reflect the drag queen culture of the city. The ladies have androgynous features but are dressed in a bright and whimsical fashion, as the beauty of petals work to allure the eye.  They are performers and take pride in their outfits and make-up.  They all smile as they feel pure and alive in this form of expression.  Acrylic paint is the primary media, but I also work pastels within the layers which adds texture and a sense of movement. These works are a great representation of a colorful New Orleans local artist.

New Orleans Mardi Gras Artist

Costumes & Queens

Costumes & Queens

Costumes & Queens

Drawing inspiration from burlesque, drag queen shows, and carnival season the paintings in this series explore gender roles, beauty ideals, and self acceptance  New Orleans local artist, Margaux Hymel, used acrylic paint for broad brushstrokes and vivid colors to create the energy and fun people have when they wear costumes or dress-up. These works represent the best of a New Orleans local painter. 

New Orleans Themed Original Paintings

Drag Tarot Series

Costumes & Queens

Drag Tarot Series

Drag Tarot Series combines two very popular concepts found in New Orleans: Drag Queens and Tarot cards. Using key ideas from other Tarot card decks, New Orleans local painter Margaux is creating her own interpretation of tarot and making the primary figures Drag Queens. With the exception of “The Fool”, each painting is set in the Crescent City. The Drag Queens add excitement and expression to the meaning behind the image.

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